Austin Makes List of Headquarters Finalists

Photo Credit: Flickr - Robert Scoble Inc. is looking for the most ideal city to build their second headquarters for the North American region.  Out of a total of 238 bids submitted by various communities around the United States, Austin made the list for the top 20 cities for Amazon to consider.

The potential of Austin retaining and their new headquarters to the city could mean a lot to the Central Texas city.  The headquarters is being touted as an infrastructure investment and a catalyst for job creation, with an estimated 50,000 new jobs to come along with the new campus.

The Austin area has proven to have some prime real estate for Amazon to consider when seeking out their new location.  Amazon is said to be deciding between cities with at least 1 million people and having the option of providing either an urban or suburban campus.  Austin absolutely fits the bill for this, but it will not be announced where exactly Amazon will build until later in the year. 


‚Äč Inc. HQ2 City Finalist


Read more about and their search for a new corporate headquarter location here.

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