Austin Neighborhoods Ranked America's Best

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In a recent study conducted by, six Austin area neighborhoods have landed a spot on the Best Neighborhoods to Live in America list.  This list was used with data compiled from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the FBI and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Of the top fifty communities included in the rankings, the below Austin area communities made the list:

# 21 - Rosedale
# 23 – Allendale
# 32 – Old West Austin
# 39 – Downtown Austin
# 40 – Windsor Road
# 42 – Old Enfield

Of all cities in Texas, Austin had the most cities make the Best Neighborhoods list.  The rankings where based on the following criteria:  higher education, cost of living, housing costs, reputation of nearby public schools, diversity, overall composite number, crime and safety and walkability.

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