Good Sleep Is More Important Than You Think

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“The effect of getting no sleep per night on your performance is similar to consuming seven 500ml bottles of beer.” -Dr. Neil Stanley  (Sleep Specialist and Neuroscientist)

...Putting both contacts in one eye ...... almost mistaking nail glue for contact solution …... going to sleep and forgetting the dogs were outside in the cold…. putting the dust pan in the refrigerator — and the milk on the floor near the broom …... looking for my glasses and wearing two pairs on my head …... finding the butter in the dish cabinet …... wearing a terrific suit and two different black pumps ….. Many years ago I had to do a presentation. When I got to the meeting and opened my briefcase, I realized I had been carrying a backgammon board all morning….I once spent five minutes searching desperately for my cell phone, complaining the whole time about it being missing, to my girlfriend, who I was talking to on my cell phone. This went on until she timidly asked “Are you using your cell phone right now?” It was such an out of body experience, I just hung up. and finally — going through the drive thru for coffee and ordering from the trash can.*

Those are some funny and crazy things that we can all relate to when we’ve been sleep deprived.  Moving, I’m sure you have your own stories!  We want to help you get the best sleep possible at Urban Mattress, and make the process of finding your perfect sleep environment easy. 

We promise. 

Come get expert help in finding your Best Sleep Fit. Whatever your budget - from Luxury, to Kid’s bunk bed mattresses.    


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While you’re sleeping soundly on your new mattress from Urban Mattress we will donate 2% of your purchase to local Austin charities on your behalf, creating a better city for all of us to wake up in. Come find out why we’re Austin’s favorite choice... call us at 512 354-7579 to find the closest Urban Mattress Showroom for a great night’s sleep tonight!‚Äč (We’ll even throw in a great deal on a Luxury Sheet set when you reference the Austin Relocation Guide.) Sleep Well to Live Well. 


And just to be sure you sleep well, here are some sleep tips from Vispring’s resident Sleep Expert, Dr. Neil Stanley…..

10 Tips for the Best Sleep!

  1. Prioritize the quality of your sleep. It is as essential as your exercise routine or a healthy meal.
  2. Find your perfect balance. Not all of us require eight hours’ sleep a night; work out the level of rest you need.
  3. Keep to a regular routine. Going to bed at the same time each night will program your body for sleep.
  4. Invest in a good bed. A truly comfortable bed will provide deep, reviving sleep every night.
  5. Give yourself space. Buy the biggest bed your room can accommodate so that you can luxuriate in an undisturbed night’s rest.
  6. Spend time in the daylight. The sun lets your brain know it’s time to be awake, while the switch to darkness at night prompts a feeling of sleepiness.
  7. Be active and engaged. Physical and mental exercise during the day will help you to sleep better at night.
  8. Ease down your evenings. Too much stimulation before bed–from alcohol, nicotine, caffeine or activity can stop you sleeping.
  9. Unwind your way. A relaxed body and mind will prepare you for sleep. Find a bedtime routine that helps you to unwind easily.
  10. Create the right atmosphere. Darkness, quiet and the ideal temperature help you to fall and stay asleep.


When you walk into an Urban Mattress store you will feel the difference. Our goal is to allow you to find the help and sleep system that creates the right environment for a Great night’s sleep, whether you need cooling, softer, firmer, better support, we’ve got you “covered” to help you choose well, and sleep better.


Urban Mattress, wake up to a better city.


*(sleepless anecdotes thanks to Kari Henley - Huffington Post)

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