Honeywell Company Resideo Picks Austin for its Headquarters

Credit: Resideo


Austin will be the new headquarters for Resideo, an international vendor of residential comfort and security products. 

Resideo is a child of Honeywell,  and will be planting their roots in Austin, Texas in the earlier part of the year in 2019 providing more growth in the Austin job sector. 

The approximate location of the new facility is yet to be announced, but it has been let known that roughly 100 people will staff this location.  It has also been said that the 100 staff will be  comprised of new hires as well as transferred employees to the Austin area.

Resideo will be providing new products and software that are intended to enhance the smart homes of today.  These products mainly consist of water leak detection, cameras, air cleaning, temperature control and other household items. 

"At Resideo, we believe there is a tremendous opportunity to connect the complex systems of a modern home in a simple, intuitive ways," said Mike Nefkens, president of Resideo. 

Nefkens believes that the smart home technologies Resideo offers will not only add energy saving opportunities for homeowners but will also provide technologies that will make homes safer and more secure, while giving homeowners the control they need to live comfortably in their new homes. 

With home being one of the largest investments people make, Resideo is using technology to push homes into the future, and making smart devises that will compete with virtual assistants from Google, Amazon and Apple.  

"We work with the leading home automation partners to integrate products and apps so consumers have the flexibility to customize their smart home experience."

Resideo is excited to be providing apps and integrated products to enable consumers to customize their smart homes, and are providing contractors with everything they need to simply smart home installation and provide ongoing support.  

To learn more about Resideo visit their website at

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