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What if you could reduce your transportation fuel costs to only $4.17 per month? Through Austin Energy’s Plug-In EVerywhere℠ program, drivers can drive on 100% pure renewable energy at over 250 charging stations throughout Austin. If you own an electric vehicle (EV) or want to buy one, Austin Energy makes it easy to keep your vehicle on the move. Austin Energy has developed a showcase for sustainable transportation in the heart of downtown Austin, called Electric Drive.  Electric Drive is a transportation innovation hub that features a DC fast charger for charging in minutes as opposed to hours, as well as level 2 charging for customers to use while they are enjoying downtown. A solar powered kiosk that includes charging for electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds can also be found on this street.

There are several benefits that Austinites can take advantage of by driving electric. Electric vehicles are fun, fast, and an overall better driving experience. Fueling a plug-in electric vehicle costs much less than a traditional internal combustion vehicle and the maintenance costs are next to nothing. The only routine maintenance required when owning a plug-in electric vehicle is the occasional tire rotation and replacement of windshield wiper blades: no oil changes, transmission repairs, belts and hoses being replaced. An EV has only a small fraction of the moving parts in comparison to an internal combustion engine vehicle. Click to find out what our customers are already saying about their experience driving an EV in Austin.

Even though Austin Energy offers extensive and affordable public charging, a majority of EV charging will be at home for most drivers.  For many EV drivers, using existing regular electrical outlets meets their needs. However, for those that want to charge faster, Austin Energy offers a 50% rebate (up to $1,500) towards the hardware and installation of a level 2 (240 V) charger. Austin Energy also offers rebates on electric bikes, scooters, and motorcycles as an additional way to promote electric transportation.

Another area where Austin Energy is getting more EV ready is at multifamily properties. Over 40% of Austin’s population lives at multifamily properties and with Austin’s growing Plug-in Electric Vehicle community, Austin Energy is continuing to work with condos and apartment communities to become EV ready. Austin Energy has over 40 properties in Austin that have installed EV charging, and expect that number to continue to grow

As a bonus you will be doing the environment a favor by driving a plug-in electric vehicle. Electric vehicles will continue to be a cleaner source of transportation as our electricity production from clean, renewable resources such as wind and solar continues to grow. Electric vehicles charged on the Plug-In EVerywhere network are charged with 100% renewable energy from Austin Energy’s GreenChoice® program

To find stations at retail locations, workplaces, and multifamily properties, visit


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