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Finding the Right School for Your Kid


At some point in your high school search process you may ask, “Why would I send my child to a college prep school? And is there really a difference between all of the college prep schools in Austin?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

While many schools boast lists of college acceptances that represent a wide range of student interests and ambitions, those lists don’t tell the whole story. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School certainly has that robust college list, but the rest of the story is what they’re most proud of: they do college counseling differently.

St. Andrew's Episcopal School Counseling

College Prep on a Personal Level


Just as you are looking for a great match for your child in high school, St. Andrew’s aims to help students find great matches for college. Their College Counseling program is very personal: counselors are also teachers who have taught, coached, and advised students during their high school years. The student-to-counselor ratios are low (average 9:1) so that counselors can recognize and recommend schools that are especially good matches for students.

The St. Andrew’s process goes above and beyond just finding the right college —counselors are personal advocates for every student; writing letters of recommendation, serving parents and students throughout the preparation and application processes, and beyond graduation with transition support. These personal touches are the differences; these are the valuable components of the program that cannot be easily duplicated

Austin Episcopal School

Determining Which College is the Right Fit


How does it all work? They start early. After students get their feet firmly planted in the routine of high school life in ninth and tenth grades — which involves creating passionate learners, developing strong study skills, exploring different interests, and engaging in the life of the school community — they are ready for the next step toward college exploration.

St. Andrew’s director of college counseling, Elizabeth Guice, explains, “We begin our purposeful college prep work with juniors when they are developmentally able to think about college in a meaningful and tangible way. The college counselors help guide students and parents as they learn about a variety of schools, create a list of reasonable options, complete the application process, and select a collegiate program in which they can thrive. A great match is one in which the needs, abilities, and desires of a student are all met.”

St. Andrews Episcopal School

She adds, “Our difference is a personal one. Each college counselor is personally invested in the success of your child not only at St. Andrew’s but beyond. Our commitment to your child is long-term and St. Andrew’s College Counseling program is intentionally designed to ensure that every student's next big step in life is made with support, guidance, and great care.”

Learn more about St. Andrew’s Upper School programs here:

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