Top 15 Weird and Useful Insurance Options

The Weird (and Useful) Things You Didn’t Think Your Insurance Could Cover


We’re all familiar with homeowners, auto and health insurance, but did you know that these policies may cover the following?


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Dog Bites

Most homeowner policies provide between $100,000 and $300,000 of liability coverage related to injuries caused by your pets, plus some medical coverage for the injured party.

Dorm Room Burglary

Your off-premises personal property coverage can cover your son or daughter in cases of dorm theft. The only condition is he or she must be a full-time student, living on campus and under age 26.

Identity Theft Expenses

Some policies will help out with expenses when your identity is stolen, including lawyer fees, lost wages, and fees charged for reapplying for loans if you were rejected based on inaccurate credit bureau information.

Spoiled Food

A power outage can result in a lot of ruined food in your refrigerator. Most policies will cover spoiled groceries up to $500.

Non-Auto Accidents Away from Home

Random accidents that happen when you're away from home and that don't involve any vehicles are generally covered by your homeowner's insurance.



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Car Seats

Your auto insurance may cover the cost of replacing your child’s car seat if you are involved in an accident.

Damage from Falling Objects

Most comprehensive auto policies contain a “falling objects” clause that cover you from things like meteorites, satellites, and occasionally bits and pieces of airplanes flying overhead.

Defense Attorneys

If an accident lands you in court, your auto liability can help pay for your legal costs.

Pet Injuries

If you’re involved in an accident, your auto insurance may cover your veterinarian bills if your pet is injured as well. The catch to most policies that provide this coverage, however, is that the accident must not be your fault.

 Rodent Damage

 Most auto policies contain a clause that covers damage “other than collision.” This covers damage done by mice, squirrels or other rodents.



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Believe it or not, some health insurance providers actually offer financial incentives such as discounts and dining credits for you to go on vacation.



Your health insurance may cover your massages if your doctor writes a prescription for them to help with chronic pain.


Diapers for Kids 3+

Health insurance often covers diapers for older children with disabilities that keep them from being potty-trained by age 3.


Weight Loss Counseling

You might be eligible for free weight-loss counseling if you got your insurance through the Affordable Care Act. If you get your health coverage through your employer, some programs offer discounted gym memberships.


Hot Tubs

If your doctor orders you to soak in a hot tub for therapeutic reasons, your insurer may cover the cost of buying one.





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Aliens, Werewolves and Vampires

Lloyds of London reports that 60,000 policies have been issued to insure against being abducted by aliens or turned into a werewolf or vampire. In 2011, Parade Magazine reported that Shirley MacLaine, a believer in the existence of extraterrestrials, had taken out $25 million in alien abduction insurance.



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Pre-Wedding Jitters

Today, wedding coverage has become common, as the average cost of a wedding in the United States has grown to $29k. Fireman's Fund has been insuring weddings since the early '90s. It protects nonrefundable expenses including cancellation due to serious illness, injury or extreme weather. They also have a “change of heart” coverage for the bride or groom left stranded at the altar.



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Hair Of All Sorts

A Lloyds of London policy has been developed that insures against the loss of chest hair. Rumor had it that Tom Jones had his oft’ displayed chest hair insured for $7 million, though Tom’s camp denied the rumor. When the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Strong Safety Troy Polamalu signed to promote Head and Shoulders shampoo, his massive three-foot curly mane was insured for $1 million by the shampoo people.




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Body Parts

When Mariah Carey signed with Gillette for their “Legs of a Goddess” campaign, they insured her legs for $1 billion.  Rihanna was signed for the same campaign and her legs were insured for a paltry $1 million.  Chump change compared to footballer David Beckham’s $70 million legs.



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Lottery Winners

Picture this; you’re a small business with a handful of employees.  Half of them have a pool and play the lottery every week.  What happens if they hit the jackpot and decide to pack in the day job?  You’re down to half strength.  Issued in the U.K., Lottery Winners Insurance would step in and pay for things like hiring temps and training new employees.



Curious about your current insurance coverage? 


Check out Josh - He's happy to assist you with your insurance and financial needs!

Call Josh Tollett at State Farm today! He can review your current policy and explain the important coverage you may be missing.



Located off of FM 620 in Lakeway, Josh serves Lakeway and the greater Austin area. He has policies for auto, home/renters, business, life, health, bank and retirement services to help in any stage of life. With more than a decade of industry experience, Josh knows the useful (or weird) coverage that can benefit you!



Learn more about some of State Farm's unique comprehensive coverage below:


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 Extensive “Loss of Use/Loss of Rent” Clause: 

 While most insurance companies offer a “loss of use/loss of rent” clause in case an incident causes you to vacate your home, only State Farm offers an unlimited benefit for up to two years, paying your living expenses while you're out of your home. Also, if you have a rental property, State Farm will cover your rent due to the same reason.



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 100% Replacement Coverage:

Unlike other insurance companies, State Farm offers 100 percent of the replacement cost on your dwelling and belongings through their Homeowner policies. They do not depreciate your property.



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 Insure Your Pets:

 In the spirit of more unusual policies, State Farm offers coverage for the animal lover that insures pets with papers and show horses against catastrophic loss.




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 Insure Your Expensive Medical Devices:

 State Farm also covers medical devices such as Insulin pumps, CPAP devices for sleep apnea, hearing aids and motorized wheelchairs under its Personal articles policy.



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 Identity Restoration Coverage

Over 17.6 million Americans experienced identity fraud in 2014! With just a few bits of your personal information, such as your driver’s license or social security number, an identity thief can open accounts, secure loans, or even enter into contracts in your name.  When you have an identity fraud case covered under the State Farm Identity Restoration Coverage, IDR Coverage may help you in two ways - click here to learn more.



State Farm is the #1 Auto, Home and Life insurer in the United States. Don’t let the unexpected catch you by surprise. Call Josh Tollett today at (512) 263-5685 or email him at   

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